Employee Self Service

In recent times, Employee Self Service (ESS) has become a significant tool in the human resource management.
“Employee Self Services” is a web based application which enables the employees to edit and handle a lot of job-related information by themselves. This provides a great assistance to the management to do a double check on the information of individual employees.

We, at SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. provide one of the top ESS Portal with a wide range of features to suit the requirement of both, the employees and employer. Our ESS Portal is developed in-house by a team of Experts, which enables us to not only customize the Portal basis client Requirement but also provide the services at a very competitive rate. Additionally, our in-house R&D team keeps working towards betterment of the Portal. They are available 24x7 to resolve issues, if any.

Why every Business needs ESS Portal?

Using ESS Portal is definitely an additional investment to the business, so what is the need of using the same? It’s because, the required investment is way less than the benefits that a business receives from the ESS Portal.
The list of basic benefits is as below: -

  • Reduces Paperwork: - The ESS reduces a lot of paper work for the human resource department of the company. This provides a lot of benefit to the administrators and the employees too. Employees can input their personal information along with working hours and others.
  • Increases Accuracy: - With the less involvement of paper works and manual data entry, the accuracy of employee information increases.
  • Double Check of Data: - Whatever the details the employers put in the employee data and whatever the employee inputs, the data can be checked by both the parties. Thus, there is a scope of double check and rectification of data before finalizing.
  • Direct Communication: - It works as a bridge between the employee and the employer as individual employees can be communicated with the self-service portal regarding any kind of companies change in policies or any other updates for employee education and communication.
  • Decreases chance of penalties: - As the information like working days, TDS, incentives, over time and other payroll related data’s can be checked by both the employee and the employer, this reduces the chance of any error in the payroll and hence attracts least penalties.

With the years of experience in the field of Payroll Management, SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Is able to provides one of the best Employee Self Services Portal to the Companies. Our in-house developed ESS Portal comes with a range of features which facilitates both the employee and the employer like: -

  • SGC ESS is a user-friendly web portal.
  • Enables the employees to download or view monthly salary slip.
  • Download facility of Download to Date of the statement.
  • With the SGC’s ESS Portal, the employee can view and download Income Tax Projection Calculation Sheet.
  • Employees can declare Income Tax savings directly online.
  • Apply for leave and others.

The SCC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the business with the complete solution for the employee self-service with our most advanced and latest ESS Portal, which suffices all the requirement of a business.

  • View/Update Profile.
  • View/Download the monthly Salary/Pay slip.
  • View/Download the Reimbursement slip.
  • View/Download the YTD (Year To Date) Statement.
  • View/Download the Loans deduction Statement
  • Declare Income Tax Savings online.
  • View/Download the Income Tax Projection Calculation sheet.
  • View/Download Form-16.
  • Leave Requisition.
  • Leave Report.

Other Features – Client/HR Portal

  • Setup Account specific configurations like Logo, Themes, etc.
  • Configure Formats of Payslips for each Company/Branch.
  • Employees updatable personal information (optional).
  • Setup the Password Policy for the Account.
  • Release or lock the IT Declaration module/All modules.
  • Enable or Disable access to employees in an Account.
  • View the information of an employee listed in the Employee View.
  • View the Payroll related information for any employee.
  • View Leave related information for any employee.
  • Approve/Reject investment declaration.
  • Approve/Reject Leave application or Escalate to Senior manager.
  • Customized reporting/Layout. (Optional).