Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970

Maintenance of following records, statutory compliances and returns under Contract Labour (R&A) Act.

  • Registration of establishment and obtaining of certificate under Sec. 7 of the act.
  • Register of contractors in Form XII.
  • Register of contractors in Form XII.

Maintenance of following records and returns under Contract Labour (R&A) Act for Contractors

  • Licence of contractor under CLRA.
  • Register of contract Labours in Form XIII.
  • Employment card in Form No. XIV.
  • Muster Roll & Register of wages in Form XVI & Form XVII respectively.
  • Register of deduction for damages or loss, Register of fine and Register of advance in form No. XX, Form No. XXI & Form No. XXII respectively.
  • Register of overtime in form No. XXIII.
  • Wages slips in Form No. XIX.
  • Display an abstract of the act and rules in English and Hindi.
  • Display notice showing rates of wages, hours of works, wages period, dates of payment, name and address of the inspector in English and Hindi.
  • Notice of commencement/completion of contract work in Form No. 6 (B).
  • Half yearly return in Form No. 24.