Shop & Establishment Act

The Shop and Establishment Act was enacted by the Government to cover unorganized sectors like the shops, residential hotels, eating houses, restaurants, commercial establishments and others. It is a state enactment and hence there are different Shop and Establishment Act(s) applicable to different States and Union Territories.

This act was passed to regulate the condition of work and bring statutory obligations on the Employers along with giving different basic rights to the employees.

Basic Rules of the Shop and Establishment Act:

  • Registration of any kind of business is compulsory.
  • Communication of the closure of the business is mandatory.
  • The Act on the operation of the employees and working conditions need to be followed.
  • Mandatory registers and records need to be maintained and displayed.

How will SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Help?

The dedicated staffs of SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. provide complete service and consultancy in aspect of the Shop and Establishment Act to the business. They provide a wide range of services like: -

  • Registration and renewal of the license.
  • Preparation and maintenance of different files and records as per the act.
  • Proper correspondence with the Labour Commissioner regarding the operation of the business.
  • Providing regular updates and guidance to the business regarding the labor laws and about any kind of updates.

The SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. has the team of the most experienced and professional staffs along with advanced infrastructure and updated operating system to provide the best service and consultancy in Delhi and NCR areas.

  • Registration & renewal of license.
  • Register of Fines in Form -I [Rule 21(4)]
  • Register of Deductions in Form - II [Rule 21(4)]
  • Annual return in Form -III [Rule 21(4)]
  • Register of Overtime in Form -IV [Rule 25(2)]
  • Correspondence and liaison with office of "Labour Commissioner"
  • Guidance in the matter of labour laws