Labour Welfare Fund

The Labour Welfare Fund is a provision of the government to ensure some basic and necessary services, amenities and facilities to the workers. This Act is to ensure the better life and standard of living of the employees. There are separate (State) Labour Welfare Fund Act and (State) Labour Welfare Fund Rule for different states & Union Territories and accordingly separate Labour Welfare Board is created for each different States and UTs and accordingly different rate of Contribution for Employer and Employee.The Labour Welfare Fund is created to ensure the extended support for the social assistance for workers in the certain sectors. There are 5 different categories of Labour welfare Funds to provide facilities like medical care, housing, educational and recreational etc. to workers in certain sector of business.

The SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the complete assistance and consultancy service to the business to operate as per the rules and regulations set by the (State) Labour Welfare Act. Being the pre-eminent service provider in Payroll Process and other requirements of the business, SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. has the team of the most professional staffs with all kind of knowledge and expertise to provide the finest service to the business not only in Delhi and NCR Regions like Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad, but also other states like Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Maharashtra, etc.

Services we Offer as per (state) Labour Welfare Fund Act

  • Detailed consultancy service from the experts to the business regarding the matters related to the Labour welfare fund.
  • Providing regular update to the business about the changes and new updates in the law for a smoother operation.
  • Complete assessment and inspection about the proper operation of the business to ensure complete compliance and hassle-free operation.
  • Representation of the business operation to the inspector or officer in charge.
  • Our expert and professional staff represents the business and answers in favor of them in case of the enquires done by the concerned authorities.
  • Preparation, maintenance and submission of all the required forms and registers as per the Labor law Department.
  • Proper and timely reply to notices from the concerned authorities.

Proper and immediate intimation to the business owner regarding any kind of orders from the department.

So, these are the basic services provided by SGC Management Services Pvt. Ltd. under Labour welfare Fund Act & Labour welfare Fund Rules. We have the team of over 45 specialized staffs who have years of experience in providing the best support to the business. We ensure a hassle-free operation of the business along with compliance with all the laws and regulation laid by the Government.

At, SGC Management Service Pvt. Ltd., you will get the 360-degree solution to all your need of Payroll Processing and other legal and basic consultancy services.

  • Calculation of contribution and deposited along with Form 'A' within prescribed time as per Act.
  • Updating regarding new notifications and amendments done by Labour Department.
  • All assessment & inspection from Labour department, when required
  • Reply of Notices etc. from the concern authorities.
  • Maintenance of all statutory registers & submission of form required by the Labour Department