Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970

The Contract Labour Act was started with the goal to bring equal rights and regulations for the contractual workers. Usually, the working regulations of contract labour are different from the direct workers. Their employment relationship and the method of payment are also different as they are not paid directly by the Company. This labour are hired, managed and paid by the contractor.

So being a business owner, if your business hires contractor and contract employees, you have to follow the guidelines and different regulations of the Contract Labour Act.

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Maintenance of following records, statutory compliances and returns under Contract Labour (R&A) Act.

  • Registration of establishment and obtaining of certificate under Sec. 7 of the act.
  • Register of contractors in Form XII.
  • Register of contractors in Form XII.

Maintenance of following records and returns under Contract Labour (R&A) Act for Contractors

  • Licence of contractor under CLRA.
  • Register of contract Labours in Form XIII.
  • Employment card in Form No. XIV.
  • Muster Roll & Register of wages in Form XVI & Form XVII respectively.
  • Register of deduction for damages or loss, Register of fine and Register of advance in form No. XX, Form No. XXI & Form No. XXII respectively.
  • Register of overtime in form No. XXIII.
  • Wages slips in Form No. XIX.
  • Display an abstract of the act and rules in English and Hindi.
  • Display notice showing rates of wages, hours of works, wages period, dates of payment, name and address of the inspector in English and Hindi.
  • Notice of commencement/completion of contract work in Form No. 6 (B).
  • Half yearly return in Form No. 24.