Payment of Bonus Act

The Payment of Bonus act, 1965 was enacted to regulate the process of paying bonus to the employees working in a specified sector of work. The bonus needs to be paid on the basis of the earned profit or as per the productivity of the business, as the case may be. The Act basically provides a statutory right to employees of an establishment to share the profits of his/her employer.

Applicability of the Bonus Act

  • A uniform Act in the name of Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 is applicable PAN India.
  • Any factory or business which has 20 or more workers employed in a day during an accounting year is applicable for paying bonus.

How SGC Helps in Payment of Bonus Act

  • Provide expert assistance and consultancy for the calculation of the accurate bonus amount.
  • Contacting the various departments of authorities regarding obtaining permission and submission of reports and data.
  • Preparing and submission of annual returns in Form-D.
  • Registration of the bonus amount in the Form-C.

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  • Register of Bonus in Form C.
  • Annual Returns Form - D
  • Payment of Bonus Abstract.